Pistache is a french family run company which was created in 1986. Its director Baurh Ibrahimof a leather enthusiast, who had been profoundly consumed by the textitile industry , since several generations decided to create a business specialised in leather. This young entrepeuners starting point was with provencal craft fairs, his creations were such a big success, that  he rapidly went on to open his own boutique which he names EPONYM in the 1990s. This is how the brand first comes to life in Nice the French Riviera. Veronique Colleuil and a few years later, Marie Claude Dumas, join forces in this great adventure of his.  Pistache’s company was just at its starting point, it had still not been fully established but was showing a very promising future.

The big bang hits in 1994 in Paris at the first fashion trade show. It was the Mecca of the fashion and new trends. The Pistache brand present their creations at the trade show and to their joy, their orders explode. This is a major turning point , as it is at this moment , that their boutiques  were required to become larger, more staff needed, as it was complusory to have employees,  not only for their retail side but also for taking orders, as almost everywhere in France the Pistache brand where recieving big quanties and volumes of orders.

Pistache has always had the ambition to become a worldwide industry. In 1998 the team decide to create their own brand known as AKHESA. It becomes a immediate success. It is thanks to Akhesa, the brand is exported abroad and achieves a worldwide recognition. Akhesa becomes known in France and on the international stage for her feminine, high end products which highlight the beauty of the textile and meticulous work created with leather.

Taking advantage of their major success a sibling brand KAREN RITZI is created in 2007. The result is achieved as Karen Ritzi creations hit a much larger clientele. With this the brand achieve great fame in the fashion world. The Asian market in particular showed alot of interest not only with their products but also in the creations of the Akhesa brand. This was such a high point that a second platform rose in Hong Kong in 2016 to meet the needs of their buyers. Today thanks to the incredible team, who not only pay attention to their customers and quality of the products , allows them to be present in more than 150 points of sales worldwide. It was a beautiful story than began in Nice and never stopped developing ever since. Pistache knew how to evolve with its time to present day with the unique feminine clothing which is immacuately worked by using natural materials .

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